Speculation on Eugene Rivers increases

Rev. Eugene Rivers of Boston is the object of increased political speculation between-the-lines. He was part-and-parcel of Bush’s “faith-based initiatives.”

John Kerry made a comment about the faith-based community’s ability to pass a bill on global warming.(1) After my comments, Bush then made a gratuitous remark on the faith-based community. Bush’s same comments distinguished between talkers and doers.(2)

“He said his wife’s purchase of their Dallas home, where they moved after leaving the White House, was a ‘faith-based initiative — since I hadn’t seen it.'”(2)

Simultaneously, the Vatican in various references eschewed Christian division and urged no one to fear Pentecostal fire. On May 25,

“The Vatican’s official on ecumenism called for a ‘renewed Pentecost’ and the ‘fire and storm of the Holy Spirit’ in a passionate homily Sunday about Christian unity.”(3)

Rivers is a Pentecostal. Prior to signals from Kerry, Bush and the Pope, the present writer also saw a sign from Noam Chomsky.

Glenn Beck opposed the speculations.(1) Without saying so he explains his opposition to corporatism. When the churches merge with the state, the churches’ independence is lost. MIM has explained that such a maneuver should only be pulled off in concert with a successful attack on profit and family motives. Merging independent sources of power with the state when there is still capitalism and imperialism is the strategy of fascism. Beck is correct that it’s the same basic idea that allows handouts to the rich in the bailouts of the financial crisis.

Eugene Rivers may not turn the tide against fascism, but the vetting may be relative to Obama’s scandals.

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To see similar comments by the Pope:

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