The hole in the rainbow: yellow

Jesse Jackson tried to build a “rainbow coalition” in the Democratic Party; however, historical practice shows that that rainbow always had a hole in it where the yellow stripe is supposed to be. That is not to say that there were not enthusiastic Asian-Amerikan Democrats working with Jesse Jackson.

  • It was Democrat Harry Truman that dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan.
  • It was Democrat Harry Truman that sent aid to oppose Mao in China.
  • It was Democrat Harry Truman that prolonged the Korean War.
  • It was Democrat Lyndon Johnson that sent 500,000 troops to slaughter millions of Vietnamese people.
  • It was Republican Richard Nixon that recognized Mao’s government.
  • It was Democrat Bill Clinton that killed over 500,000 children with sanctions on Iraq.

    The largest mass killings since World War II occurred under Democrats. That’s what internationalists care about, not the campaign money Democrats spend.

    Yes, the Democrats enforced voting rights for Blacks as they also sent in more troops into Vietnam. For this, white ole’ boys’ network activist Bob Avakian says that Democrats are less reactionary than Republicans. It is the Democrats living off their civil rights laurels while killing of Asian people does not count in coming up with the “less reactionary” label.

    Now Obama sends the Predator drones to attack Pakistan and more troops to kill in Afghanistan. Yes, there is a pattern. Asians die to make up for the Democrats’ problems.

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