No reply received from Black caucus on Black president

I have spoken several times for Jesse Jackson for president, because of Obama’s involvement in lynching.

  • Jesse Jackson, not Obama
  • Jesse Jackson on the road and RCP

  • Again on a Black president to replace Obama

    I also have spoken for others to become Black president. However, I have received no reply to request for action. The Congressional Black Caucus probably feels it does not have the clout to ensure a Black president to replace Obama. There should have been at least an open attempt to start the process. Therefore, I am dropping that particular pursuit.

    I had suggested Clarence Thomas or a list of Democratic presidential candidates depending on what deals the Congress needed to make within.

    Not even the Rev. Eugene Rivers has made a statement on my behalf to oppose the lynching by Obama. It’s a deafening silence out there.

    That’s where things stand. Perhaps Jesse Jackson does not have support from the Trilateral Commission. I don’t know.

    The super-hardline neo-conservatives more pro-I$rael than I$rael continue to spread false rape and pedophile rumors for their own after-the-fact benefit.

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