Daily update

1. Sports journalists report University of Michigan may lose scholarships and playing time in football scandal. Florida State has 12 victories stripped including from coach Bowden.

2. I overheard an add for “dewmocracy” today, from Mountain Dew. Very funny!

3. India says “trust deficit” problem in dealing with Pakistan, and success of current peace efforts depend on “future events.”

4. EU is pressuring Palestinian budget to make Palestinians reach deal with I$rael.

5. Syria supports the Palestinian reconciliation process

6. Meshaal calls on international community to lift siege on Gaza

7. Syria likes Obama still.

“About the indicators coming from the Obama administration, President al-Assad differentiated between Obama as a President and U.S.A as a state, saying that Obama has good intention and things have got better for sure, the ban on Syria’s joining the World Trade Organization has been lifted, but still there are the Congress and the Lobby which interfere in our relations sometimes in a positive manner and other times in a negative manner, stressing that the important things at the end are the results.”

8. A British novel on WWII fascism is the best-seller and several writers recall Winston Churchill.

9. British celebrity entrapped by journalists in bribery

10. GE chief Immelt said about Europe teetering on the edge of further economic crisis:

“‘Look, it’s a mess out there. There are some real problems that need to be fixed. I could really bum you out if I wanted to,’ Immelt told the graduates. ‘Your country will be better coming out of the financial crisis if we learn a few lessons: that real, honest, ethical leadership matters, that the U.S. cannot prosper today as just a service economy.'”


11. A Hewlett-Packard ad campaign that has run for a while says: “Thinkers are great but doers change the world.”

HP boosted “Avatar” and “How to Tame Your Dragon.”

In the news chatter I see campaign cards directed against myself. Just a reminder to the international united front not to be intimidated by campaign cards, that can be generated ad infinitum. Some of my allies are also generating campaign-style cards, but the purpose of what I am doing right now is to move diplomacy up the priority ladder above campaigns. The IUF only shoots itself in the foot if it allows itself to be intimidated by campaign cards, that have to be distinguished from intelligence/diplomacy cards, not to mention macro-society cards. Diplomacy with the United $tates will never get anywhere till we learn to do this, and it’s also another reason to ignore most of the allegorical chatter in the press and continue on an independent course. As we see in today’s news, the United $tates is running covert military operations this whole time that it discusses misleading items between-the-lines in the press.


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