Daily update

1. Brazil says its Iran plan came from Obama.

2. Hamas says U.$. should stop blocking Palestinian reconciliation.

3. Japan re-thinking Futenma, with finger pointed at Korea & 9/11 tensions.

4. Some say “New York Times” just serves as mouthpiece for Gibbs trial balloons. It’s not that the “New York Times” is invested in them.

I can’t quite agree, because there is a big slippage between words and action going on. Some are thinking about how journalists are going about their business, while I’m thinking about how things could be misinterpreted at the war front, and that latter perspective has to be principal.

5. A big investor “compared the financial markets to a Hostess Twinkie. ‘There is no nutritional value,’ he said. ‘There is nothing natural in the markets. Everything is being manipulated by the government.’ He added, ‘I’m skeptical that the European bailout will work.'” He advised staying in cash and waiting for one’s moment or buying something ridiculously loathed.

6. Desmond Tutu says nuclear weapons will be abolished in his lifetime, like slavery and apartheid.

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