“New York Times” credibility going down for a good cause

The “New York Times” of May 22nd is still rehearsing how it’s going to run my story if it ends up having to, instead of just talking about it in-between the lines. Let’s just say that diplomacy and politics should not be left to hockey announcers and if the “New York Times” is not careful it will end up with a libel suit.

It has been my consistent position that the press has to vet this lynching out. It didn’t because it would have damaged Obama in 2008. The “New York Times” and other media outlets have been informed to that effect.

The standards of journalism, diplomacy and politics come from journalism, diplomacy and politics, not hockey or other sports. The “New York Times” cut Bush Jr. zero slack for using Willie Horton in 1988 campaign commercials for his father, Bush Sr.. The media did not conduct an investigation whether or not Willie Horton made up with his victim’s family or whether the victim’s family made up with him or conducted any dirty work against him. Whatever happened between me and my lyncher in 2006 does not justify Obama’s or the “New York Times”‘s using the lynching in 2008.

Had Obama not used the lynching card in 2008, it’s likely we (my lyncher and I) would have escaped being involved in grave damage to the state and society. Granted, my lyncher would have had little credit for that, but we would have escaped with far less damage to society than we did.

Whether or not Willie Horton should have been used in a campaign commercial is the same question as whether prisoners should work at sub-minimum wages for their jailers’ profit. We do not want people rewarded for lynching stereotypes that might encourage lynching anymore than we want police or sheriffs rewarded financially for imprisoning alleged felons. These ideas are feudal, overturned since feudal times. The people espousing rewards for lynching are backward, with a focus only on persynal attacks instead of what is good for the state and society.

The infiltration gambit cannot be denied. There was a scandal in 1989-1991 and there was Obama’s use of that and interlocking scandals in 2008 –end of story.


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