Daily update

1. Pakistan has blocked Wikipedia, Flickr, Youtube and Facebook for insulting the central Islamic prophet.

2. A Harvard Business School writer says Cameron-Clegg plan to pass gender quotas for boards of directors.

The Mao-type organizations that Obama worked with were 25% female in the United $tates and also Kanada, thanks in part to rigid ideas about gender roles, including the questions of LGBT and asexual people. This history on substance is another reason the O’Baconites turned to persynal attacks.

3. Steve Jobs is talking about revolution and porn lately.

4. Turkey’s Foreign Minister made a statement more valuable than anything the Amerikan left-wing of parasitism is going to say combined this year.

“The principle of zero problems towards neighbors has been successfully implemented for the past seven years. Turkey’s relations with its neighbors now follow a more cooperative track. There is a developing economic interdependence between Turkey and its neighboring countries. In 2009, for example, we achieved considerable diplomatic progress with Armenia, which nevertheless remains the most problematic relationship in Turkey’s neighborhood policy.

“Turkey’s considerable achievements in its regional relationships have led policymakers to take this principle a step further and aim for maximum cooperation with our neighbors. Since the second half of 2009, Turkey established high-level strategic council meetings with Iraq, Syria, Greece and Russia. These are joint cabinet meetings where bilateral political, economic, and security issues are discussed in detail. There are also preparations to establish similar mechanisms with Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Ukraine as well as other neighboring countries. Turkey abolished visa requirements with, among others, Syria, Tajikistan, Albania, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya and Russia. Turkey’s trade with its neighbors and nearby regions has substantially increased in recent years.”


Really, we try to get readers for our understanding of global exploitation. It’s always easier to imagine the neighbor as the main problem, when it might just be the United $tates that is really sucking a country dry. Neighbor problems cannot be solved without an accurate view of the global economy.

5. I don’t know if I have seen reference in the media to someone experienced in medical identity theft, and not the persyn that one would expect at a first glance. It seems there’s some dancing around that and Indonesia as well.

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