Zimbabwe, the white farmers and South Africa as an example

One could go a long time without reading any media outlets supporting Zimbabwe President Mugabe’s land reform that handed white-owned land to Black farmers.

The critics say the white farmers were better at running farms and that the remaining 300 white commercial farms are being disrupted. There does not seem to be any dispute that aid to Zimbabwe in turn stagnates over the farm issue.

MIM does not know anything about the land reform movement in Zimbabwe, because we do not take the Western press seriously. There is no reason to think that hypothetically, if a decolonized people started running its own farms it would start doing so at the same level of efficiency as the previous experienced owners. In most jobs, one learns on the job.

Countries must be allowed to embargo the individual leaders of other countries that they do not like. Sanctions against whole countries should be stopped. MIM sees no imperialist sanctions on Third World countries that are positive. Recently, a member of Congress tried to stop someone from banking with Zimbabwe, so there could be issues of the sanctions going farther than they say on paper.(1)

Regarding expropriation of white farmers, a parallel set of issues arose in South Africa. It’s no secret that I was on the PAC side of things in the early 1980s regarding South Africa. MIM leaned in that direction and criticized Mandela; nonetheless, we always recognized that one-persyn-one-vote was progress including the election of Mandela.

South Africa is a microcosm of the world in the sense of a white bourgeoisie outnumbered by exploited and oppressed people. Even the example of Mandela may yet be the model that Palestine chooses to follow in a one-state solution. MIM does not rule it out. However, Palestine is the only place that should consider directly copying the Mandela example. In other places, peoples already supposedly have their legal rights and it is no longer progressive to follow the Mandela example. The South Africans did not have their legal rights at all. Apartheid was discrimination by law. In contrast, there is no law in the U.$. books saying that I had to be lynched, for example. That’s a difference and it applies in some sense to all de-colonized peoples in the world.

The West has put its emphasis on trying to influence Zimbabweans away from Mugabe’s road. It might be better to find money to buy out the remaining white farmers if there is concern about it. Then again, pornography magazines should definitely be taken more seriously than what we hear in the media on this racially and economically charged topic, so it’s hard to say much beyond airy principle.

1. http://www.northjersey.com/sports/94480579__Respectful__of_sanctions.html


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