Again on a Black president to replace Obama

In 2000 we learned that despite all the decades of the U.S. Government’s and U.$. media’s looking down on other countries that did not run correct elections, when it came down to a close election Floriduh could not do it either.

In 2008 we learned that the media could be informed of a lynching used in the campaign, but elections are so fixed, so pre-arranged, so fraudulent that the information would not even come out.

I’m still for a Black president to replace Obama. However, I’m reconsidering my position for a week from now, maybe sooner. It’s not that I’m going to support Obama, but I’m thinking of changing direction with these bourgeois cards that are not cleanly handed off yet.

It seems to me that many in the Democratic Party do realize it’s unfair to the Congress that Obama has a dirty secret that can come out. I’m hoping to work something out with the Black bourgeoisie, but I can’t afford to wait forever. If I’m going to hand off my cards to a Black politician, I need decisive leadership help to do so. Otherwise, I’ve got to look at handing them off another way.



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