Olmert on the Mideast peace

Ex-I$raeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has been in “Haaretz” lately.

“‘We don’t need a referee between us and the Palestinians,’ he said. ‘If we are not really willing to make excessive concessions, it is better that we don’t make it seem like we are on the track for a serious agreement.’

“‘In order to change the reality, we need a leadership that dares to make decisions, a leadership that doesn’t think about what the public wants, but what the state needs,’ he added.”(1)

MIM believes the international united front needs to referee what is an unequal military confrontation. Other than that, however, the above is true.

The Palestinian peace process has lost credibility since the Oslo accords in 1993.

Meanwhile there is a debate in Kuwait about majority rule’s meaning. “Ali Al-Rashid noted that democracy is all about the opinion of the majority, adding that ‘whoever is uncomfortable with this can stay home.'”(2)

That’s exactly what the settlers in the West Bank are doing, with their victory putting in Netanyahu. They are the majority and they are staying home. Numerous accounts in the media say that I$raelis in their majority are not urgently interested in the peace process.

The I$raelis and neo-conservatives have pointed out that rich democratic countries do not attack each anymore since World War II. That’s not the same thing as saying majority rule plays any real role in diplomacy.

1. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/ehud-olmert-proximity-talks-are-not-the-way-to-middle-east-peace-1.289777
2. http://www.alwatandaily.com/mainpage.aspx# 19May2010, “Parliament continuation disastrous”


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