Overheard on Afghanistan

The security establishment wants to continue the war against Afghanistan. There are some frank admissions available on the Internet.

“The Taleban and its allies are all about taking power back from those who took it from them. The manner in which power is reacquired is relatively unimportant. They would be happy, I suspect, to join a government with Karzai if they are sure U.S. and NATO forces are leaving. Once they are gone, the Taleban can simply kill off whoever they are suppose to be sharing power with, and return, with Saudi and Pakistani help, to building an Islamic emirate, destroying India’s presence in the country, and sheltering Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.”(1)

Even better we hear an analysis saying that it costs Obama nothing to let Karzai try to stake out some nationalist credentials.

” We need to keep killing Taliban radicals who wish to kill us and push Afghanistan back into the 14th Century. We need to keep leaning on Pakistan to do their part. We need to keep building roads and schools and weaning farmers away from poppies. And we need to realize that artificial timetables for leaving Afghanistan make no sense and will not help us stabilize that country.”(2)

By the looks of things, U.$. imperialism has more freedumb and dumbocracy to send Afghanistan. Has veteran Lynndie England started training the next wave of recruits yet?

On the other hand, there appears to be much more skepticism that Mideast war is brewing and even contempt for the idea that Scuds have gone to Hezbollah.(3)

Perhaps no one wants the blame for peace in Afghanistan, but no one can imagine more war in the Mideast. In that way, the status quo continues.

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