Recruiting females

Some organizations having a hard time recruiting females have historically had problems because they see the role of females as limited to sleeping with men and creating scandals with which to extort men. This approach while lending itself to the pornography so destructive in the Weimar period in Germany is an insult to professional females who believe that they have the capability to lead in politics on a substance basis, not just on the basis of how men hire them for what’s between their legs.

MIM’s predecessor organization RADACADS founded itself as a majority of minorities and a majority of females. MIM had female leaders in the number one slot. That could have to do with the fact that we have always been about accessibility and substance on feminism, not Aesopian slander and Alinskyite extortion tactics.

It is in the interests of wimmin globally to oust the patriarchal habits of politics. The world’s wimmin will ignore the bought-off tokens of the patriarchy clogging up the politics of the privileged.


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