Greece and the I$rael effect

I would like to acknowledge that Greece has joined the international united front’s struggle.

One indication was a statement by the head of I$rael’s legislature, the Knesset.

“Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said Thursday that he would rather accept Palestinians as Israeli citizens than divide Israel and the West Bank in a future two-state peace solution.”

Rivlin is from prime minister Netanyahu’s party, the Likud. He made the statement to the Greek ambassador April 29 when the Greek financial crisis and internal budget questions were a threat to Greece’s membership in the euro currency according to many news stories.

Chomsky may yet get his wish of a bi-national state in Palestine. At the moment the international united front led by the international proletariat is not in a position to make it a socialist one, but one could imagine a social-democratic I$ratine. One would have to ask whether it would be a good idea with the bitterness and class division that exist.

Those who secretly wish for a bi-national state in I$rael may sabotage talks for a two-state solution, where each nation has its own state, one for Palestinians and one for Jews. We’ve been pointing this out the last three years. One factor in the political vacillation is the petty-bourgeois class nature of I$raelis and a part of Palestinians. The economics leads to a have-it-both-ways politics.


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