Speculations on the Supreme Court

We’re seeing many wild speculations on the Supreme Court. An author with a better paper trail according to the pundits is Pam Karlan. Her web page is here.

The liberals raise this point because the justice retiring, Stevens was the most consistent liberal.

From MIM’s point-of-view, the current system is not only an oppressive and exploitive trap for people, but also for minds. The rules as they are are what need changing and that may not be possible in a peaceful world without changing the Constitution.

The Democrats constantly use the Supreme Court to discipline their followers, with fretting over the composition of the court. It’s a trap for the brain, with endless plotting and thought wasted. In the end, Obama used it to justify counter-“terrorist” plotting and lynching. Yet, none of the justices of recent decades have bothered to do anything about being the world’s leading prison-state percentage-wise.

In China before its great revolution of 1949, there was a cultural movement. Likewise, media had to be built from scratch.

In the United $tates, we can set a lower goal than social revolution until the joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations is ready to impose itself. Some have argued that one should go from spreading party science directly to state power. The result has been perpetual Browderism, the dissolving of science into the needs of the Democratic Party.

Likewise the media lacks the judgment to back even reformists attempting an anti-exploitation or anti-imperialist line. Marx warned against political revolution without social revolution, and in the U.$. case, we can see that the media and culture are unable to support progressive reform, unless one defines “progressive” the way “Fox News” does as meaning, “expanding the society’s proportion of state activity.” Handing out government jobs and salaries, the Democratic Party can do, but our work is aimed at the culture and media at this stage. We have made some progress in struggling with intellectuals and the media.

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