Supreme Court update

As of today, we are still seeing maneuvering as if my lyncher is a serious threat to make it onto the Supreme Court. I am not referring to Elena Kagan.

If my lyncher gets the nomination, we can expect a lot of masks to come off at that time.

I warn the international united front that Harvard University has never gotten to the correct place except lagging behind–not on LGBT issues, not South Africa, not private incentives for medical research, not the non-exploitation of the white working class and certainly not on 9/11. Many are posing far to the left of what they really are, something we have to watch out for on the question of spying on the anti-imperialist and anti-exploitation forces.

P.S. The “New York Times” just reported it is Elena Kagan with the nomination.

I want to add that if Harvard thinks it has much to add to what has already been discussed about me in-between-the-lines, it is mistaken. If Harvard made any deal such as concerning Obama’s ability to run in 2012, it has no effect on me.


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