Timing of the struggle: 2006, 2008 and now

WAAF, 97.7, a Massachusetts radio station continues to join the fray with metaphorical nonsense against me. However, it did show signs of having done a little looking into the background.

A dj complained last week that there are 340,000 people in Britain who list “jedi” as their religion. Along these lines, some Brits insinuate that they have been paying attention since at least 1997.(1) That would leave WAAF disc jockeys about a decade behind.

WAAF says that “Star Trek” is reality, not “Star Wars.” I’m inclined to agree.

The recent participation of WAAF djs in the struggle illustrates why it is that diplomatic and espionage struggles follow a definite sense of timing and cannot just be left to whatever pace the labor aristocracy indicates. Cards are at their best when not exposed. By the time WAAF djs are involved, it’s getting too late for a card to be diplomatically effective. True, the national bourgeoisie of the oppressed nations can also further mobilize and the proletariat can awaken to counter the measly gains the imperialists make in rallying their labor aristocracy.

Contrary to what some are saying now, I was effective in the 2006-8 period without joining either the Democratic or Republican parties. Doing so without undergoing a social struggle against lynching first would have been surrender to extortion. Meanwhile, I proved what was possible to do from a website as an independent. That’s an important lesson to leave to the youth, especially since the gains happened without lynching.

Despite what I did in the 2006-2008 period, there are those who want to return to the Republican-Democratic fold to support lynching. The slaves of the Democratic and Republican parties want to blame me for not joining the Democrats or Republicans. However, on March 1, 2010,(2) there was a report that independents are 32.9% of Amerikans. We can imagine the number would be higher if not for the truth about lynching being withheld by the Establishment press. The Democrats would gain some KKK members but lose many others who think they went too far. Basically, the people blaming me for not being a Democrat or Republican fall in the category of people coming up with after-the-fact excuses for racist extremism. If I were to reward racist extremism by capitulating to the Republicrats, we would be guaranteed even more racism in the future.

There is a difference between saying “art is political” and “politics is art.” The latter is a group of people set up to be steam-rolled by fascists. Art then becomes a have-it-both-ways effort to “split-the-difference” and go into deep denial.

1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/may/03/harry-potter-quidditch
2. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/mood_of_america/mood_of_america_archive/partisan_trends2/partisan_trends_number_of_unaffiliated_voters_up_both_major_parties_down

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