Reminder on the first stage of struggle

There is an increasing global understanding of what I meant by saying I will make no Aesopian deals in the first stage of struggle. It’s something that makes sense to revolutionaries and ex-revolutionaries around the world.

The latest was some more admissions about Cold War tussle starting in my life by the early 1980s. Let me also say I have plenty more “red meat” to add to any tit-for-tat, but it’s really pointless to talk about at this stage.

Regarding compromises to make, again, that is something for people who already have first stage rights. It’s not for me. Malcolm X said it well when he said you have to pull the knife out of his back before you can work with him.

I suppose I angered a country or two by not making second stage deals with non-U.$. countries. It seems to me such deals are up to the countries involved and I can’t promise to have leverage I don’t have when I’m not beyond the first stage.

John McCain said the Tea Party movement seeks a peaceful revolution. Obviously, I’m not seeing that when I talk about 2017, the magic one hundred year mark after 1917. John McCain decided what he did during the campaign of 2008, but he no longer has a right to hush up the sabotage of diplomacy that happened in 2008. A deal between McCain and Obama does not cover everything or the interests of the Amerikan people, who should probably try a third party before 2017, for exactly this sort of reason.

No Aesopian deals: being in the first stage of struggle


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