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Daily update

May 29, 2010

U.$. Navy has been seeking agreement with China’s navy on rules of road.

First leftist government in Japan in over 50 years undermined

Argentina’s Foreign Minister celebrated Argentina’s 200th anniversary

Brits urge Duchess “to come clean” or face inquiry; at least it’s just about one individual not a huge 8 digit problem

“We need a Churchill, fast”

CIA had propaganda plans to make Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden into gays and pedophiles

Global Nuclear Proliferation Treaty stalls amid U.$. provocations, becomes “proposal”

Bret Favre had surgery on his ankle, still playing possibly

In the last two days in Sports

  • The Celtics advanced to the Finals by beating the Orlando Magic, 4-2.
  • #15 ranked Tennessee beat #2 ranked Michigan in women’s softball yesterday.
  • ESPN tells the story of a women’s softball forfeit, front page today

  • NY Mets shut out the Philadelphia Phillies 27 innings in a sweep for the Mets

  • Dwayne Wade pointed out that the Chicago Bulls don’t have Jordan or Pippen working for them.
  • Chicago faces Philadelphia in hockey finals

  • Al Qaeda recruits wimmin: Pentagon responds

    May 29, 2010

    At least two Indian papers report that Al Qaeda is recruiting wimmin from Saudi Arabia to fight especially in Yemen.(1) That may be why the Pentagon announced afterwards that it is ramping up covert operations in Yemen and doubling spending there.(2)

    Having killed over 500,000 children in Iraq, the West wishes it were done there and spending is going down.


    A look back at August 2008

    May 29, 2010

    Readers of this website have the benefit of looking at the archives for August, 2008 by clicking on the link in the right column of the home page. Here is what I said on August 4, 2008. That was late in Bush Jr.’s term.

    “MIM Defense continues to uphold the priority of the peace movement above that of campaigning in electoral politics. Very often when one is involved in politics one gets a choice of where to bet a chip. We continue to place our chips in the anti-war kitty, not campaign politics when there is a trade-off.

    “At the moment (early August 2008), a handful of racist Democrats in the government and the top ranks of the Democratic Party seek to priortize campaign politics over accomplishments here and now. Our on-the-ball readers will know that at this moment, it means the Democratic Party is creating political instability to benefit occupations of Islamic peoples and also the Korean people for example.

    “Bush has just sent a high-ranking diplomat to listen to Iran at the diplomatic table. Yet the Democrats have not pushed further in that direction now that they have converged with the Republicans. In contrast, China and Russia are blocking UN sanctions against Iran.

    “A handful of hyper-partisan racist Democrats seek to take some chips out of the anti-war kitty and put them into the campaign kitty.

    “Of course no sooner do racist Democrats attempt to extort from MIM leaders than Bush lackeys also show up. In the fuss, it is easiest for MIM Defense to state its principles.”

    That’s what I said. The facts show that Obama took the Palestinians’ cards and the Palestinians paid with their lives in the Gaza invasion by I$rael in December, 2008-January, 2009.

    Had the media not foamed at the mouth for Democrats in 2008 and been a little more rational about diplomacy, the leverage over Bush would have continued to the end. Instead, Obama took a vested interest in slandering me, despite the fact that I hold Palestinian cards. The deal with McCain held and the Palestinians died, over 1000.

    If my opponents were not filthy racist liars, they would come out in the open with their attacks. Instead, for years on end, the media slanders me in-between-the-lines.

    The Zombie and the Shark

    May 28, 2010

    There are at least three commercials in play at the moment on the theme of zombies and sharks. Windows 7 and Dell are among the sponsors.

    The commercials draw an analogy of a little fish attaching underneath the side of shark to suck for a living. In this case, the zombie attempts to latch onto a man-eating shark. When the commercial ends someone says the zombie “doesn’t seem so dead anymore.”

    The Zombie is Obama who latched a ride into the White House with a man-eater, my lyncher #1. MIM’s zombies page is the inspiration for the zombies. The commercials do an excellent job of encapsulating the parasitism of the “R¢P.”

    You can find two of the commercials on Youtube

    Now there are counter-movies on the zombie theme by zombies themselves. An organization that initially promised to work on the Ward Churchill case with MIM and backed off after RCP lynchmob action is among those supporting zombie movies and also has strong ties to Elena Kagan. (There is nothing direct enough for us to attack, so this can’t be taken as criticism of her nomination.)

    Some corporations were ready to throw in the towel when the economic crisis hit–Chrysler, GM & Bank of America. Handouts from a fascist bailout were just swell. Companies still in the younger stage with the original entrepreneurs still alive have taken a more critical view of the Obama phenomenon.

    Apologies to Cindy Sheehan

    May 28, 2010

    As the “RCP” spawn try to distance themselves from their man Obama, I want to apologize to anti-war activist Cindy Shaheen. She signed an ad criticizing Obama that also had signatories from the people who organized Obama from the beginning.

    Some people know better by now, but some people signing that ad might not know better about the other signatories. Chomsky would be in the bracket of people who know better.

    Speculation on Eugene Rivers increases

    May 27, 2010

    Rev. Eugene Rivers of Boston is the object of increased political speculation between-the-lines. He was part-and-parcel of Bush’s “faith-based initiatives.”

    John Kerry made a comment about the faith-based community’s ability to pass a bill on global warming.(1) After my comments, Bush then made a gratuitous remark on the faith-based community. Bush’s same comments distinguished between talkers and doers.(2)

    “He said his wife’s purchase of their Dallas home, where they moved after leaving the White House, was a ‘faith-based initiative — since I hadn’t seen it.'”(2)

    Simultaneously, the Vatican in various references eschewed Christian division and urged no one to fear Pentecostal fire. On May 25,

    “The Vatican’s official on ecumenism called for a ‘renewed Pentecost’ and the ‘fire and storm of the Holy Spirit’ in a passionate homily Sunday about Christian unity.”(3)

    Rivers is a Pentecostal. Prior to signals from Kerry, Bush and the Pope, the present writer also saw a sign from Noam Chomsky.

    Glenn Beck opposed the speculations.(1) Without saying so he explains his opposition to corporatism. When the churches merge with the state, the churches’ independence is lost. MIM has explained that such a maneuver should only be pulled off in concert with a successful attack on profit and family motives. Merging independent sources of power with the state when there is still capitalism and imperialism is the strategy of fascism. Beck is correct that it’s the same basic idea that allows handouts to the rich in the bailouts of the financial crisis.

    Eugene Rivers may not turn the tide against fascism, but the vetting may be relative to Obama’s scandals.

    To see similar comments by the Pope:

    The hole in the rainbow: yellow

    May 26, 2010

    Jesse Jackson tried to build a “rainbow coalition” in the Democratic Party; however, historical practice shows that that rainbow always had a hole in it where the yellow stripe is supposed to be. That is not to say that there were not enthusiastic Asian-Amerikan Democrats working with Jesse Jackson.

  • It was Democrat Harry Truman that dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan.
  • It was Democrat Harry Truman that sent aid to oppose Mao in China.
  • It was Democrat Harry Truman that prolonged the Korean War.
  • It was Democrat Lyndon Johnson that sent 500,000 troops to slaughter millions of Vietnamese people.
  • It was Republican Richard Nixon that recognized Mao’s government.
  • It was Democrat Bill Clinton that killed over 500,000 children with sanctions on Iraq.

    The largest mass killings since World War II occurred under Democrats. That’s what internationalists care about, not the campaign money Democrats spend.

    Yes, the Democrats enforced voting rights for Blacks as they also sent in more troops into Vietnam. For this, white ole’ boys’ network activist Bob Avakian says that Democrats are less reactionary than Republicans. It is the Democrats living off their civil rights laurels while killing of Asian people does not count in coming up with the “less reactionary” label.

    Now Obama sends the Predator drones to attack Pakistan and more troops to kill in Afghanistan. Yes, there is a pattern. Asians die to make up for the Democrats’ problems.

  • No reply received from Black caucus on Black president

    May 26, 2010

    I have spoken several times for Jesse Jackson for president, because of Obama’s involvement in lynching.

  • Jesse Jackson, not Obama
  • Jesse Jackson on the road and RCP

  • Again on a Black president to replace Obama

    I also have spoken for others to become Black president. However, I have received no reply to request for action. The Congressional Black Caucus probably feels it does not have the clout to ensure a Black president to replace Obama. There should have been at least an open attempt to start the process. Therefore, I am dropping that particular pursuit.

    I had suggested Clarence Thomas or a list of Democratic presidential candidates depending on what deals the Congress needed to make within.

    Not even the Rev. Eugene Rivers has made a statement on my behalf to oppose the lynching by Obama. It’s a deafening silence out there.

    That’s where things stand. Perhaps Jesse Jackson does not have support from the Trilateral Commission. I don’t know.

    The super-hardline neo-conservatives more pro-I$rael than I$rael continue to spread false rape and pedophile rumors for their own after-the-fact benefit.

  • A daily dose of fascism

    May 26, 2010

    I had the misfortune on May 25 to listen to NPR from Albany, NY for an hour and heard two “clean up” stories. One called for Cuomo to “clean up” Albany, so he’d deserve to be in the White House. The other took a caller who wanted the Army to seize BP and shut it down.

    Decades before there was a MIM, social scientists had theorized that fascism comes from people Freud labelled anal retentives, who most enjoy cleaning up. In contrast, we have written in order to oppose vacuous Liberal ideas, that “there is no clean spot.” Simplistic “clean up” talk encourages fascist solutions. What we need is people to start looking at social causes and social solutions. When a problem is large enough to require a social solution, it’s important to know and indicate that.

    Daily update

    May 25, 2010

    1. Sports journalists report University of Michigan may lose scholarships and playing time in football scandal. Florida State has 12 victories stripped including from coach Bowden.

    2. I overheard an add for “dewmocracy” today, from Mountain Dew. Very funny!

    3. India says “trust deficit” problem in dealing with Pakistan, and success of current peace efforts depend on “future events.”

    4. EU is pressuring Palestinian budget to make Palestinians reach deal with I$rael.

    5. Syria supports the Palestinian reconciliation process

    6. Meshaal calls on international community to lift siege on Gaza

    7. Syria likes Obama still.

    “About the indicators coming from the Obama administration, President al-Assad differentiated between Obama as a President and U.S.A as a state, saying that Obama has good intention and things have got better for sure, the ban on Syria’s joining the World Trade Organization has been lifted, but still there are the Congress and the Lobby which interfere in our relations sometimes in a positive manner and other times in a negative manner, stressing that the important things at the end are the results.”

    8. A British novel on WWII fascism is the best-seller and several writers recall Winston Churchill.

    9. British celebrity entrapped by journalists in bribery

    10. GE chief Immelt said about Europe teetering on the edge of further economic crisis:

    “‘Look, it’s a mess out there. There are some real problems that need to be fixed. I could really bum you out if I wanted to,’ Immelt told the graduates. ‘Your country will be better coming out of the financial crisis if we learn a few lessons: that real, honest, ethical leadership matters, that the U.S. cannot prosper today as just a service economy.'”

    11. A Hewlett-Packard ad campaign that has run for a while says: “Thinkers are great but doers change the world.”

    HP boosted “Avatar” and “How to Tame Your Dragon.”

    In the news chatter I see campaign cards directed against myself. Just a reminder to the international united front not to be intimidated by campaign cards, that can be generated ad infinitum. Some of my allies are also generating campaign-style cards, but the purpose of what I am doing right now is to move diplomacy up the priority ladder above campaigns. The IUF only shoots itself in the foot if it allows itself to be intimidated by campaign cards, that have to be distinguished from intelligence/diplomacy cards, not to mention macro-society cards. Diplomacy with the United $tates will never get anywhere till we learn to do this, and it’s also another reason to ignore most of the allegorical chatter in the press and continue on an independent course. As we see in today’s news, the United $tates is running covert military operations this whole time that it discusses misleading items between-the-lines in the press.