Again on my “credibility”

People who have followed MIM carefully know that we tend not to be interested in “who-oriented” politics or intelligence. It is the province of Liberals and we’ve said that since the beginning in 1983.

It follows from that that in about 15 years of Internet work, we never identified ourselves. We spoke with general sociological facts or we cited sources. It was others who had a self-interest in destroying our work and creating a question of individual “credibility.” It was then that I had to go public as an individual, Henry Park.

So it is with the lynching of myself, a leader of MIM. The central question is not a question of my “credibility.” I learned of the rape accusation at an outdoor event along with several others. There is no way to question that a scandal occurred by questioning my individual credibility. The scandal did not involve just two people; although, it did not have to involve politicians taking advantage except by repeated interventions by conspirators.

People who think in terms of individual credibility in all circumstances only prove that they are status- obsessed, and if they are in the government or responsible circles of the media, they prove that they are incompetent as well. The ones to suffer the most in status-obsessed politics are the lumpen and oppressed nations. The status-obsessed will sort the lumpen into offenses created on the basis of the status of the lumpen. In other words, “credibility” is code words for class and nation in many situations when credibility is not an issue at all.

The Alinskyites and many illogical people handling crime questions focus on credibility even when credibility is not the issue. No one can deny that there was no process for handling the accusation; hence, it was a lynching. No one can deny there was a scandal and follow-up scandals spread over 20 years of time now. Those facts do not depend on my “credibility.”

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