Noam Chomsky lifts “fascist” label from Tea Party movement?

Various media outlets are reporting some recent remarks by Noam Chomsky. I hope it’s true that Chomsky is attacking Obama, corporatism and a dread of fascism,(1) but I also fear that it’s not really true given Chomsky’s erroneous political economy.

The “Communist Party” paper “People’s World” is taking the loyal Obamauton line against Chomsky.(2) It’s not surprising that Gorbachev spawn are still heavily invested in Obama. People who could not tell socialism was down the tubes in the Soviet Union might just be Soviet revisionist pensioners who cannot criticize the paycheck.

According to the “Tehran Times,” Chomsky does agree that we are in a period similar to Weimar.

“‘It is very similar to late Weimar Germany,’ Chomsky told me when I called him at his office in Cambridge, Mass. ‘The parallels are striking. There was also tremendous disillusionment with the parliamentary system. The most striking fact about Weimar was not that the Nazis managed to destroy the Social Democrats and the Communists but that the traditional parties, the Conservative and Liberal parties, were hated and disappeared. It left a vacuum which the Nazis very cleverly and intelligently managed to take over.'”(3)

Chomsky should stop using the 1930s reference point. The “Communist Party” of today is a loyal Obamauton hack.

The most thorough discussion of the Chomsky and Tea Party ideas was in “Monthly Review,” a good sign of the illness of the left-wing of parasitism. None of the discussants is able to drop the idea that there is an “exploited” “working class” in the United $tates today.

The inability of Richard Levins to directly address what we have said in our Peru-related articles is another sign of the lack of accountability in the left-wing of parasitism. He settles for supporting tourism to Cuba, a country where there is no Maoist movement attempting to overthrow state power that I am aware of. In Cuba, Richard Levins’s allies are in state power, but Levins is unable to distinguish that from the situation in Peru where the Maoist rebels faced off against a U.$.-backed military regime. One might suspect that handling tourism from Amerikkka is a lot easier when one already has state power, but Richard Levins is incapable of addressing that obvious point. “Monthly Review” is too far off to discuss anymore and a good sign of the inability of the left-wing of parasitism to learn from its own repeatedly wrong predictions.



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