Big numbers and fascism

Lawyer, Ted Kennedy activist and Democratic Party insider Susan Estrich recently argued that blame for the immigration problem should not go on the U.S. citizens complaining about it. She took issue with Cardinal Roger Mahony’s forthright stand on immigration.

it seems to me that Mahony’s strident criticism is unfair to the angry, frightened and frustrated citizens who live in fear of the violence that illegal immigration is bringing to the border.

We disagree with Estrich, because what is good for the Democratic Party is not what is good for fighting fascism. If the blame does not go to the right place, blame will go to the wrong place.

There are certain kinds of discontent that we should all learn not to voice in a story-teller vein. Story-telling leads to simplistic moralizing, that we should deport all the illegal aliens for instance. That’s a bread-and-butter stand of fascist parties since World War II.

On many questions in a country with no proletariat, it is better to be conservative than to voice any discontent, because fascism is worse than conservatism. The Vietnam War peaked with 500,000 U.$. troops in Vietnam, a six digit figure of people that took all the Pentagon’s efforts to manage and ended up changing a youth culture.

Our state and federal prisons have a low seven digit figure of people. In other words, get much beyond six or low seven digits and even the U.S. Government has a huge difficulty beyond its reach. Being able to recognize that is key to fighting fascism on any number of topics. It’s also a matter of balancing the budget, which MIM has connected to questions of international class struggle.

  • The immigration question is eight digits in numbers, a problem beyond citizens’ grasp as a number. There is no easy answer and building a wall would cost money that should not be spent. Economic equality among nations is the real answer and that can happen through class struggle.

  • Hitler killed 6 million Jews and an eight digit figure of people total in the world to make himself a candidate for all-time worst villain. It’s incomprehensible.

    Tell me that Jews today are exploiters and I can agree as a generality, but focus on that because you are ignorant of the exploitation by a nine digit figure of Amerikkkans and it’s a different story.

  • Many of the professionals most involved in studying child sexual abuse believe it involves an eight digit figure of children. Ditto some studies of adult rape.

    Tell me the Catholic Church has pedophiles and I believe you, but show me a newspaper that reports Catholic priests in the midst of a political battle with the Catholic Church and when no such stories appear for Jews or Protestants, and I have a problem with that newspaper. I’d rather hear the sociological facts denuded of lurid details in individual cases.

  • Pornography is a nine digit use question in the United $tates. Tell me you don’t want people viewing pornography on the government dime and I’m OK with that, because it narrows in on a question of power. Tell me an individual story about pornography use, and I have a problem with you.

  • The ‘ho question is a nine-digit question. Tell me you don’t want government cars to transport officials to their girlfriends, and that’s OK, a narrow question of power. Tell me you don’t want prosecutors responsible for prosecuting prostitutes seeing prostitutes at the same time, and that’s OK. Tell me that you think your relationship is not sex-for-pay and I probably think you’re a rube.

  • The Great Leap in China and the Cultural Revolution also had questions of violence ranging from six to eight digits. MIM has shown that Roderick MacFarquhar and the editors of the Black Book of Communism had problems with eight and nine-digit numbers. Ditto people who quoted fascist sources against communism. They tended to have quantitative literacy problems.

    Quantitative literacy is important in leading the fight against fascism. Blame for fascism should go on the fascists, the labor aristocracy and any philistines who open big questions in story-teller vein.

    The United $tates has no big transformative powers and it is best to recognize that and not get frustrated. Only 18% of Amerikans think socialism is better than capitalism.(2) That 18% tends to raise complaints which contribute to fascism. For a strategic length of time, we should not act as if that 18% is going to create socialism domestically. Our efforts should go to anti-imperialist solidarity and mitigating the U.$. exploitation of the world outside U.$. borders.


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