Obama’s healthcare program is corporatist, not progressive

It’s mid-April 2010 and I’m still talking to Democrats who do not know what corporatism is.

Communist healthcare–that would be after a proletarian uprising installing the dictatorship of the proletariat by which pursuit of profit is abolished by force. Healthcare is government-run. Communist is the furthest “Left.”

Social-democratic healthcare would be the government taxing people and the government providing the healthcare service. Social-democracy is moderately “Left.” Other non-healthcare sectors of the economy might be private and taxed.

Free-market healthcare has less government role and depends on consumers and healthcare providers to decide what they want to do by the profit motivations of the sellers and the demand of the consumers. Free market healthcare is moderately “Rightist.”

Corporatist healthcare preserves the right of private healthcare providers to profit unlike Left solutions. However, under corporatism, the government orders people to buy insurance in order to boost the profits of government-approved providers. Corporatism is “extreme Right.” It was the form of economic organization in Hitler Germany. MIM sees it as an added political threat in advanced stages of capitalism that produce imperialism.

MIM had identified the current leaders of the Democratic Party as fascists in the late 1990s, specifically Strasserites. Strasser was Hitler’s number two for a while. The Strasser brothers were active with unions and made favorable references to Stalin, thus attracting those of “progressive” inclinations.

Dogmatic Democrats blame the Republicans for the lack of social-democratic healthcare in the United $tates. That is wrong, because there is no white proletariat to demand a “Left” solution for healthcare. The frustration of the Democrats with Republicans thus found a fascist outlet, not a social-democratic or communist outlet. That is exactly what MIM has warned about for decades.

Obama spent $600 million campaigning, a record and now Democrats are even more brain-washed than usual. With vague suggestions of “reform,” Obama pushed through fascist organization on one-sixth of the economy, in addition to the Bank of America and the auto companies, none of which had worker uprisings or worker democracy with which to blame on the Left.

  • Readers can find more on fascism in the current U.$. context at the MIMdown website


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