MIM work continued

MIM’s work continues at http://mimdown.wordpress.com

Contrary to the Wikipedia entry on the “Maoist Internationalist Movement” as of this date, MIM broke into cells according to Central Committee wishes and after thorough discussions and preparations on the Congress web page.

The historical event most responsible for that was the public disclosure of the MIM founder’s having been a witness to events leading to 9/11.

Not just in November, 2008, but weeks prior to that MIM already foreshadowed that lynching played a role in Obama’s campaign. Although we attempted to force the media to break the story, the media cared only about the deal between McCain and Obama. Nor did the media care about Palestine related diplomacy Obama stepped on three different ways in 2008.

It was not till January 2009 that the Democrats took down the MIM etext.org webpage, as predicted for months in advance on the “What’s New.”


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