Word to Third World peoples

The current U.$. regime is imploding in such a manner as to drag in all sorts of scandal. It was during Nixon’s scandal called Watergate that Mao made a deal with Nixon in order to start relations between China and the united $tates. Third World comrades should evaluate the openings they see independent of the scandals.

The current scandals of the regime are not all smoke and mirrors and they go back many years in ways that can be documented with people, newspapers, city governments and state legislatures. The fact that the public opinion of the Bush administration is so low and the media ready to pounce is what is different.

In ordinary times, Bush rallies people with words like “let’s roll.” Another way is to have Democrats or lightly ideological people in the administration to coordinate with in those instances when partisanship or persynal motive might seem to play a role. Sometimes such people can attack enemies that “let’s roll” will not handle.

In the current situation, because of Iraq and oil prices, the regime as a whole has been discredited globally. Within the united $tates, ordinary news such that Bush’s press secretary now says himself that the Iraq War was based on “propaganda” does not lower public opinion of Bush further, because it has already hit a kind of bottom in regard to foreign policy that people are able to understand. Other more blunt issues than the Iraq War would be required to lower Bush administration popularity further.

At some point, the regime is either gone or finds some way to eliminate the sources of its troubles. In the meantime, being in trouble can mean  a “shoot for the moon” strategy.


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