On federal investigations

As of today, August 6, 2008 ex-MIM leaders have not been formally told that they are under federal investigation. CIA, FBI and other agents do not formally identify themselves to MIM. There is also a matter of extra-governmental organization–racist informal networks known in the past as “ole boys’ networks” but which now also accept token wimmin and minorities to perpetrate oppression. The key identification of such people is their non-stop use of allegorical language, a practice proven to have racist implications more than 50 years ago in sociological studies.

Indictments and allegations are rumored in the air as retaliation for the leaks about past oppressive activities that have reached the media. These rumors are retaliation for ex-MIM’s anti-imperialist activity, because ex-MIM is still involved in that struggle.

It’s important not to believe people pretending to be friends or enemies of ex-MIM and informing you of ex-MIM’s activities. It is best to turn such people away. There are some web pages that know how to speak MIM language very well now, but none that we know of other than the original MIM website and MIM Lite are necessarily outside the realm of counter-insurgency.


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