Peace comes first, campaigns second

MIM Defense continues to uphold the priority of the peace movement above that of campaigning in electoral politics. Very often when one is involved in politics one gets a choice of where to bet a chip. We continue to place our chips in the anti-war kitty, not campaign politics when there is a trade-off.

At the moment (early August 2008), a handful of racist Democrats in the government and the top ranks of the Democratic Party seek to priortize campaign politics over accomplishments here and now. Our on-the-ball readers will know that at this moment, it means the Democratic Party is creating political instability to benefit occupations of Islamic peoples and also the Korean people for example.

Bush has just sent a high-ranking diplomat to listen to Iran at the diplomatic table. Yet the Democrats have not pushed further in that direction now that they have converged with the Republicans. In contrast, China and Russia are blocking UN sanctions against Iran.

A handful of hyper-partisan racist Democrats seek to take some chips out of the anti-war kitty and put them into the campaign kitty.

Of course no sooner do racist Democrats attempt to extort from MIM leaders than Bush lackeys also show up. In the fuss, it is easiest for MIM Defense to state its principles.

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