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Anti-Bush government officials also angry with ex-MIM

August 6, 2008

Officials that have attempted to take action against Bush also have reason to be angry with ex-MIM. It’s not easy to drag us into intra-regime conflicts the way they would like. That’s not to mention that all the commotion of subpoenas in Congress, the attorneys scandal, and the political trials of the “war on terror” have scared some normal people of course.

Ex-MIM continues to work steadily for the anti-war cause.


Political trouble of Bush administration on trial

August 6, 2008

Two recent cases demonstrate the political nature of the “war on terrorism.”

Today, a military tribunal convicted an alleged former driver for Osama Bin Laden on charges possibly leading to life imprisonment.(1) The current rash of cases started just when McCain and Obama clinched their nominations and the general election season had begun.

The Bush administration argues that Al Qaeda and others caught up are “unlawful combatants” because they do not have uniforms. In that case Mel Gibson in the movie “The Patriot” about the American Revolution also demonstrates that the American Revolution was by “unlawful combatants.”

Another case seemed rushed along just in time for elections. “Before killing himself last week, Army scientist Bruce Ivins told friends that government agents had stalked him and his family for months, offered his son $2.5 million to rat him out and tried to turn his hospitalized daughter against him with photographs of dead anthrax victims.”(2)




On federal investigations

August 6, 2008

As of today, August 6, 2008 ex-MIM leaders have not been formally told that they are under federal investigation. CIA, FBI and other agents do not formally identify themselves to MIM. There is also a matter of extra-governmental organization–racist informal networks known in the past as “ole boys’ networks” but which now also accept token wimmin and minorities to perpetrate oppression. The key identification of such people is their non-stop use of allegorical language, a practice proven to have racist implications more than 50 years ago in sociological studies.

Indictments and allegations are rumored in the air as retaliation for the leaks about past oppressive activities that have reached the media. These rumors are retaliation for ex-MIM’s anti-imperialist activity, because ex-MIM is still involved in that struggle.

It’s important not to believe people pretending to be friends or enemies of ex-MIM and informing you of ex-MIM’s activities. It is best to turn such people away. There are some web pages that know how to speak MIM language very well now, but none that we know of other than the original MIM website and MIM Lite are necessarily outside the realm of counter-insurgency.

Word to Third World peoples

August 6, 2008

The current U.$. regime is imploding in such a manner as to drag in all sorts of scandal. It was during Nixon’s scandal called Watergate that Mao made a deal with Nixon in order to start relations between China and the united $tates. Third World comrades should evaluate the openings they see independent of the scandals.

The current scandals of the regime are not all smoke and mirrors and they go back many years in ways that can be documented with people, newspapers, city governments and state legislatures. The fact that the public opinion of the Bush administration is so low and the media ready to pounce is what is different.

In ordinary times, Bush rallies people with words like “let’s roll.” Another way is to have Democrats or lightly ideological people in the administration to coordinate with in those instances when partisanship or persynal motive might seem to play a role. Sometimes such people can attack enemies that “let’s roll” will not handle.

In the current situation, because of Iraq and oil prices, the regime as a whole has been discredited globally. Within the united $tates, ordinary news such that Bush’s press secretary now says himself that the Iraq War was based on “propaganda” does not lower public opinion of Bush further, because it has already hit a kind of bottom in regard to foreign policy that people are able to understand. Other more blunt issues than the Iraq War would be required to lower Bush administration popularity further.

At some point, the regime is either gone or finds some way to eliminate the sources of its troubles. In the meantime, being in trouble can meanĀ  a “shoot for the moon” strategy.


August 4, 2008

We’re upbeat here, even if the government is desperate enough that we receive pressure from both parties. Legal threats, whatever–we are not going to take money or a job to undercut the anti-war movement or in lieu of progress in the anti-occupation struggle.

We’re recipients of psy-war targeting our private lives, but we do not capitulate.

People harass and ridicule us non-stop, but it’s been that way forever. Getting called something new is not likely to happen anymore.

Peace comes first, campaigns second

August 4, 2008

MIM Defense continues to uphold the priority of the peace movement above that of campaigning in electoral politics. Very often when one is involved in politics one gets a choice of where to bet a chip. We continue to place our chips in the anti-war kitty, not campaign politics when there is a trade-off.

At the moment (early August 2008), a handful of racist Democrats in the government and the top ranks of the Democratic Party seek to priortize campaign politics over accomplishments here and now. Our on-the-ball readers will know that at this moment, it means the Democratic Party is creating political instability to benefit occupations of Islamic peoples and also the Korean people for example.

Bush has just sent a high-ranking diplomat to listen to Iran at the diplomatic table. Yet the Democrats have not pushed further in that direction now that they have converged with the Republicans. In contrast, China and Russia are blocking UN sanctions against Iran.

A handful of hyper-partisan racist Democrats seek to take some chips out of the anti-war kitty and put them into the campaign kitty.

Of course no sooner do racist Democrats attempt to extort from MIM leaders than Bush lackeys also show up. In the fuss, it is easiest for MIM Defense to state its principles.

Defending MIM leaders

August 4, 2008

Strange threats continue to hover over the heads of former leaders of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM). This blog has been created not to continue previous work directly, but to address ongoing problems.

What happens is sometimes one “knows too much” and also there is no one able to take over in situations that continue to arise. Knowledge accumulated over 25 years of struggle does not just disappear and MIM’s enemies know that.